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Future of the Fax: Browse the Internet

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We've got your contemporary fax needs covered!

We are bringing faxes into the next century. You can now easily browse the Internet with your standard fax machine.

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What even is this?

Wait, did you say fax? YES! FAX THE INTERNET! (NOTE: Beta!)

Simply print out in clear legable font (60pt+) the URL you want to browse, and send it to 012 3456789 ((012) TODO TODO) and you will shortly thereafter receive a webkit renderd version of that website. Simple and clean.

Faxy mc fax face

You fax us, and we fax you the Internet!


Quick and easy!


Did we mention it was easy?

How does payment for this service work?

For the beta, we are going to try a honesty payment system. If you like this service, and or found it amusing. Please send 1 earth dollar per page or part thereof.

Our service providers has informed us that “hugs” isn’t an accepted form of payment to keep our business running.

Follow these tips for best fax results

Since the service relies heavily on magical unicorn powered OCR please follow these guidelines for best Internet fax results.

  1. Always start URL with http or https:// or http://
  2. Use a large font. White space is removed so, if your URL wraps it will still work.
  3. No underlining of URLs.
  4. Avoid trailing / at end of URL

Good example:

What about v2.0?

We have big ideas for the next release. Circling a link with your pen, and sending the fax again, will follow a link. Form entry for text fields (please don’t send any passwords yet). YouTube flip book support. And many many more exciting ideas.

Why not build something useful?

Why build something useful when you can build something unbelievable?

This service was built with the help of people that build things that are very useful (and used by people) most days of the week. Some have described them as quite a good company to work for. They take their work seriously, but know how to party as well. Ain’t no party like a fax party! Eeee ooooooowwwowwowow!